One Life to Live

One Life to Live was created by Agnes Nixon and aired on ABC July 15, 1968 – January 13, 2012.

Katie Rogin won a WGA award in 1992.

In a Blue Mood

A short film written, directed and produced by Katie Rogin. Watch now.

In A Blue Mood stars Nathan Purdee as Carlton, Marva Hicks as Iris, 2009 Tony Award Winner Roger Robinson as Carlton’s unwelcome companion, Kristina Lear as Iris’s best friend, and introduces Ashlee Gillum as Iris in her pre-teen days.

The soundtrack features Ella Fitzgerald, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Harry “Sweets” Edison, Ben Webster, and Anita O’Day.

In A Blue Mood screened at Urbanworld, the IFP Market and the Austin Film Festival.

SPQR: The Empire’s Darkest Hour

Published by GT Interactive, SPQR is a Myst-like historical puzzle-adventure-mystery game that takes place in and around the ancient Roman forum in 205 AD. Told through the journal entries of five characters who represent different aspects of Roman society and culture, and supported by detailed reference texts, the story unfolds over the course of an entire year. Someone is out to destroy the empire, but can the user discover who it is before it’s too late. The player moves through a 3D recreation of the ancient Roman forum at magic hour that was developed by architects from the Digital Design Lab at Columbia University’s School of Architecture.

“The plot is excellent. It engages the adventurer from the onset.”
– Gamesmania

“It’s a who-done-it in togas…”
– L.A. Times

“The story line is solid… and the journal entries are well written, sounding almost like an encyclopedia of ancient Roman life.”
– CD Magazine